Carnival of Cadiz

On Saturday night, my roommate and I made a quick decision to go to Cadiz for Carnival. Unsure of what we were getting ourselves into, we dressed up like Mardi Gras and headed for the bus. My expectations were much different than reality. For example, I thought there would be more going on culturally. I know Carnival is something that goes on all over the world so I thought it would be more organized. I expected there to be more instruction and options for what to do when in Cadiz. When we first arrived, the woman on the bus said “Okay be careful and make sure you meet back at the bus at 5 am”. Due to the lack of instructions and information, we all walked around aimlessly for hours unsure of what to do. That being said, drinking in the streets with a group of friends is always a fun way to spend the night. However, being there for around 6 hours doing the same thing became a bit boring after a while. The whole time we talked about seeing the beach and after walking around for a couple hours we finally found it. Except, this beach wasn’t exactly a beach, it was more of a drop off with a wall and rocks. It was a nice change of pace to be near the water and escape from the chaos for a bit. The later it got in the night, the crazier it became. I witnessed some strange things that night, things that I would like to forget. Although my first Carnival experience was MUCH different than I had expected, I still had a great time and I’m happy I was able to experience it in Cadiz.

A photo of my roommate and I dressed up for Carnival!