Barbate, Spain

On Friday morning, a group of CEA students, approximately 20 of us took a trip to Barbate which is a small beach town in southern Spain. Prior to this trip, I have never heard of this place and now I am already thinking about when I can visit again. Getting there was a bit of a hike, with first taking a train to Cadiz and then a bus to the beach town. Driving there felt like we were in Mexico more than Spain because of the people as well as the cacti lining the road. Although the bus ride took over an hour, the views were so beautiful that I didn’t even realize the time spent in the bus. 


The second we stepped off the bus, we eager to go into the water (unsure of the temperature at this point) and swim. However, we were being a bit idealistic because the temperature of the ocean was freezing, that being said some people still went in. However, one of those people were not me! For the rest of us, we were enjoying the amazing views of the water and the cliffs in the background. Once we were ready to continue with the day, we walked towards the cliffs to begin our hike. To get to the cliffs we walked through the beach so that we were closest to the water for the best views, of course. The views were amazing the entire walk to the end of the cliffs, it’s safe to say we took our time to capture the beauty of it all. We enjoyed the walk back just as much as much as the walk there, in fact the walk back I took my shoes off and enjoyed the sand in-between my toes.


Somehow we didn’t realize how little time we had to make it the buses and as a result we sprinted from the beach all the way to the bus station. The stares we got from running through this small beach town were endless. Although, if I saw a whole crew of Spaniards running through my town to catch a bus I would be just as amused. Once on the bus, everything went smoothly and before I knew it, I was back in good ole Sevilla.