Rome & Florence

This past weekend, a couple of friends and I traveled to Italy for beautiful architecture, Italian men but the number one reason was for real authentic Italian food. The food in Spain gets old real quick, with all the oil and potatoes, plus being a vegetarian certainly doesn’t help. But anyways, the few days leading up to Italy, we were all extremely excited for caprese saiads and homemade raviolis.

Our flight to Rome was at 6:30 am which at the time was no bueno, however totally worth it because we had the entire day to explore the city. That first day was jam packed with the churches, Colosseum, Spanish Steps and shopping. Rome is the kind of place where you’re happy you went and saw what they had to offer but not return. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rome had a lot to offer and it was super easy to get around the city (i.e. the metro). However, it was pretty smelly, a lot of homeless people and a lack of authenticity. The next day we ventured over to the Vatican city, excited to see the infamous Sistine chapel. We bought tickets ahead of time which ended up saving a ton of time! Walking to the Vatican city, we weren’t completely sure where we were going so we kind of just followed a crowd and then luckily one of the tour guides saved us from going the opposite direction. He works for a tour company and gave us a deal which was to have a tour as well as cutting the line to see St. Peters. We took his advice and had a tour guide from California which made it really nice. Surprisingly enough, my favorite part of everything we saw was St. Peters Basillaca, I’m not sure if this was because I had never heard of it but it was absolutely beautiful and I was shocked of how large it was. Even being Jewish and unsure of what a lot of the stuff meant, I still found it fascinating.

Later that night, we ate at an Italian place close by to our hostal because we didn’t have much energy for anything else. Also, we had to take a early train in the morning, so we decided to make it an early night. Our meal was nothing special, I got ravioli and they were huge but I feel like I have had better in America. Needless to say we got dessert after because we just weren’t content with our meals. Shockingly, it ended up being a lot more difficult to find a cannoli in Rome than we though. After about an hour of walking up and down streets searching, we finally found one and it was worth all the hard work to find it.

The next morning we packed up our bags, had breakfast and headed to the train station for Firenze. From the train ride, we saw beautiful views of the country side and I took a little siesta. From the second we walked out of the train station, I fell in love with this foreign city. From the tuscan hills to the bridges to the Italian language I felt like I could stay here for a while. Unfortunately we only had a day because there was so much we wanted to see, however even with the lack of time we managed to pack in as much as we could. We saw all the main attractions as well as doing stuff off the beaten track like going into parks and little Italian food markets. Due to the lack of time we were in Florence for, I don’t have much to say about what we did except for the fact that I loved it and I am already trying to talk people into going back.

Our flight home I was reminiscing on my weekend and so grateful that I have the opportunity to travel to a new country for just a weekend. Life is pretty sweet right now : )