Ten Songs I’ve Been Listening to This September

Rage of Plastics – U.S. Girls

M.A.H. – U.S. Girls

This is what I’ve been listening to (so far) this September. I saw U.S. Girls a couple weeks ago at the First Unitarian Church, and they absolutely killed it. I went into this show knowing only one or two songs, so I didn’t really have any expectations. First off, if you haven’t been to the First Unitarian Church venue on 21st and Chestnut, you need to go. It’s actually under the church and feels like a small school theater that hasn’t been maintained in years, but that adds to the charm. Plus, they are BYOB which is pretty awesome, so between the opener and the headline, grab yourself a couple of beers at a convenience shop nearby.

U.S. Girls is a large band with two lead women in the front spearheading the show. The lead singer, Meghan Remy captivates the audience with her melodic dance moves and high-pitched, yet soothing voice.

Lonesome Love – Mitski

I have listened to Mitskis album, “Be the Cowboy” more than I’d like to admit, it’s just a wholesome and pure album that you can really feel connected with through her lyrics. I’m seeing her on November 18th, and I cannot wait to see live (again)!

Pete Davidson – Ariana Grande

To be completely honest, I never really liked Ariana Grande, and mostly for the wrong reasons. She seems like someone who is superficial, caring too much about her ridiculously long ponytail and being tan. But, after hearing how amazing this album was, I gave it a listen, and I’ve been enjoying it.

I like how the album starts off with “raindrops”, it sets the tone well for what we’re getting ourselves into. It’s short, meaningful and feels heavier than her previous work. I chose “Pete Davidson” for this playlist because I liked the rhythm. There’s nothing really complicated about this song, and it’s really short, but it compliments their relationship.

Tumbling Lights – The Acid

I’ve always been into mind twisting books, the more f*cked up, the more I was drawn to it. So when I heard that “Sharp Object” written by Gillian Flynn, would be adapted as a show on HBO, I was very excited. I won’t give any spoilers away in case you haven’t seen it yet, but it should certainly be on your list of what to watch this Fall.

Even though I read this around five years ago, I completely forgot the ending and this is probably the only time I am thankful for my memory or lack of it. Personally, I feel that this would have worked better as a move than a show because the story didn’t pick up until 3/4 of the way into the show. Don’t get me wrong, it had me captivated the whole time, but I would’ve been fine with it smushed into two hours, rather than over 8 (ish).

The ending is worth the wait, and that’s all I will say for now. The theme song, if there were one, is “Tumbling Lights” by The Acid, which played at some of the key moments in the show. The eeriness of the song was a perfect counterpart to the characters and really set the mood. I love the way this song builds, there’s not one lyric until halfway into the song.

Orlando – Blood Orange

I’ve been listening to Blood Orange ever since “Cupid Deluxe” was released in 2013. I used to listen to him while studying for exams because he’s eccentric enough to keep me focused yet never felt distracting.

I’ve been enjoying Blood Oranges progression in the music world, although subtle, he has certainly found what he’s good at, which is a mix of R&B and jazzy/experimental tunes to compliment his soft voice.